what the hell is wrong with me

you make me feel insecure in the same way summer does

hot but sweaty 

like I want to be in a bikini but oh hell do I look good in it?

like I need to be out because it’s light outside, like I have something to prove and something inside me that’s so alive

oh you make me hurt like summertime

and we haven’t talked enough for me feel like this

but god it was so good to date you in my mind

baby tell me do I sound pretty on the phone

do you want to introduce me to your cool college friends

am I stable enough to be sunday afternoons and fun enough to be long weekends

am I awake enough to be your daydream

would you care more if I told you about all the boys and girls who want to kiss me

or am i just a summer fling

you keep me at 110 degrees and I’m so worried about climate change but i’d love to watch the world burn while making out in the backseat of your car

like teenagers who have no where to be

like kids in the summer